Gelato Signatures

Heritage Trio 1KG Gelato

Heritage Trio consists of Chocoviar 75%, Hazelnut and Vanilla come together in a frozen embrace that tells of our creative tradition, taste and passion.

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Summer Twist 1KG Gelato

Delectable gelato signature comes with Azteco perfectly balances the sweetness of strawberry and the exotic freshness of mango which transporting everyone straight under the warm summer sun.

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Vita Dolce 1KG Gelato

Tiramisù, Stracciatella and Pistachio flavours revisit the most popular Italian desserts, while the cocoa cream adds a touch of irresistible creaminess.

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Customise your own combo

500g Gelato

Choose up to 3 flavours of gelato to bring home with you

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750g Gelato

Choose up to 4 flavours of gelato to bring home with you

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1kg Gelato

Choose up to 5 flavours of gelato to bring home with you

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Venchi Gelato Flavors

We offer a wide range of gelato flavours and lots of vegan-friendly sorbets. Discover our most popular flavours!

*NEW* Cashew

Creamy delicate and refreshing cashew gelato.


Extra-dark and vegan-friendly: an explosion of pure, aromatic and intense chocolate

Chocoviar 75%

Intense and aromatic, the perfect flavour for those who love high cocoa percentages and various textures


Authentic Sicilian flavour and colour in a cone, made only with Bronte Pistachios


The perfect balance of crunchiness and delicious flavour, made with only Piedmont Hazelnuts

Gianduiotto Venezuela

Enjoy the richness of the piedmont hazelnut paste paired with chocolate


Cremino but gelato version:
Soft and with an intense taste 


For Tiramisu Lovers:
Mascarpone cocoa and coffee


Delicate and enveloping vanilla flavour: Italian version made with authentic ingredients


Tropical and intense mango flavour:
From sweet to savory


A fresh, fruity sorbet that everyone will love, made with delicious strawberry purée


Your favourite cappuccino chocolate in gelato form.